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Construction Contract

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Construction Contract
- A legal document which specifies the what-when-where-how-how much and by whom in a construction project. A good construction contract will include:
  1. 1. The contractor’s registration number.
  2. 2. A statement of work quality such as 'Standard Practices of the Trades' or 'according to Manufacturers Specifications'.
  3. 3. A set of Blue Prints or Plans
  4. 4. A construction timetable including starting and completion dates.
  5. 6. A set of Specifications
  6. 7. A Fixed Price for the work, or a Time and Materials formula.
  7. 8. A Payment Schedule.
  8. 9. Any Allowances.
  9. 10. A clause which outlines how any disputes will be resolved.
  10. 11. A written Warrantee.